Planned Activities

  • Start the planning of special sessions, tutorials, workshops to CIS conferences in 2017-2018 about the TF topics
  • Start the design of a competition on Intelligent Embedded Systems in the form of a two-stage hackathon where a first step is managed remotely and the second (final) step is organized at one CIS conference on real embedded systems. The goal of the competition could be the design/development/testing of CI-related techniques on embedded devices characterized by constraints on computation, memory and energy. STMicroelectronics could be one of the industrial partners of such a competition.
  • Create a link between the CIS IEEE SWTC and industries interested in the TC topics. A list of potentially-interested industries (with specific interests, potential roles, etc.) is expected. This would represent the first step to a tighter relationship between CIS and industry.
  • Study/discuss about the IEEE P2413 – Standard for an Architectural Framework for IoT and its usefulness/applicability in the field of Smart World