Goals and Scope


  • Promote scientific activities (Special Sessions, Workshops, Tutorials, etc.) on intelligent/smart cyber-physical systems, intelligent objects, intelligent embedded systems, intelligent sensors
  • Launch competitions/hackathons/contests for CIS students/researchers/research groups on Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Strengthen the relationship between CIS and Industry in the field of Intelligent Embedded/Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Discuss possible standards in the field and create liaisons with existing actions (e.g., IEEE P2413 – Standard for an Architectural Framework for the Internet of Things- IoT)
  • Discuss and study intelligent privacy and cyber-security aspects as crucial assets of the novel generation of Cyber-Physical Systems.


  • Intelligent Embedded/Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Intelligent Internet-of-Things
  • Smart Sensors and sensor networks
  • Smart Devices
  • Smart Monitoring Applications
  • Learning from privacy-data and intelligent cyber-security